Data protection policy and procedure


City Point Church is committed to protecting personal data and respecting the rights of our data
subjects (people whose personal data we collect and use). City Point Church values the personal
information entrusted to us and we respect that trust by complying with all relevant laws*, and
adopting good practice. (*Protection of Personal Information Act, hereinafter “POPIA”)

We process personal data to help us:

  • Maintain a database of our church members
  • Provide pastoral support for members and others connected with our church
  • Provide services to the community
  • Safeguard children, young people, and adults at risk
  • Recruit, support and manage staff and volunteers
  • Maintain our church accounts and records
  • Promote our services
  • Maintain the security of property and premises
  • Respond effectively to enquirers and handle any complaints

For any fundraising events that might require this information
This policy has been approved by the City Point Church Leadership Team who are responsible
for ensuring that we comply with all our legal obligations. It sets out the legal rules that apply
whenever we gather, process, store or use personal data.

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